2017 Price list
C Lead/tenorpan - $1200
C# Double Guitar - $1600​
All other pan sets - $1900
Stands - $50per pan (excluding Sixbass)
Pans are 24.5 inches in diameter (62.23cms). Pans are custom built with solid hoop design using high quality 1.2mm cold rolled steel.
Steelpans and steelbands offer a vibrant alternative to traditional music groups and teaching methods.

Steelbands are able to play orchestral music from soprano (lead) to alto, baritone and bass. The steelpan....the wonderful Steelpan from Trinidad &Tobago in the Caribbean!
I am absolutely convinced that the Steelpan is the greatest musical instrument ever invented, and I have poured my heart and life into every instrument that I build. 
Watershed Steelpans is based in Melbourne Australia and is offering Pans down under. Go on and grab yourself a pan! You will never regret owning one and with pan tuners readily available for retuning in Australia, what are you waiting for !!?